Horizon Energy Box

The Horizon Energy Box provides a complete understanding of how fuel cell technology interacts with renewable energy sources to create an entirely sustainable power grid. Students learn about solar power, wind energy, kinetic energy from a hand crank and a demonstration of the incredible storage potential of a super capacitor.

There’s a range of fuel cells to compare: PEM hydrogen fuel cell, the salt water fuel cell and a direct ethanol fuel cell - countless experiments, so many scientific principles at work and plenty of space for creativity.

  • Fuel cell science from fuel cell experts: PEM, direct ethanol, salt water and reversible fuel cells in one kit.
  • Introduction to renewable energy: solar panel, wind turbine, temperature cell and hand crank.
  • Includes super capacitor to demonstrate the latest in energy storage technology.
  • 40 hours of STEM Horizon Energy Curriculum provide teachers with multiple resources for engaging their students covering Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences among other topics using Teachers guides, PBL Units, eBook, and Teachers Forum