Code Kit

Finally! A resource-rich intro to coding in the classroom that's easy to teach & engages students through an activity they love: making and playing games.

  • For Grades 3-8
  • Engage students in problem-solving, creative thinking, and collaboration
  • Resources, tutorials and simple instructions mean no experience is necessary
  • 10 lessons & 100+ activities make it easy to fold into any learning space
  • Customisable activities tie to NGSS & computer science standards

Arduino Bit

The Arduino Bit is a tiny computer called a microcontroller. It brings the power of programming to your littleBits circuits, allowing you to create complex sequences of actions and explore new levels of logic and timing. It also connects your Bits to programs like Processing and Minecraft.

You can program this Bit to do different things by loading code onto it, and can share your code or upload others' directly - no IDE needed.

If you leave it connected, you can also use it to send messages back to your littleBits circuit and your computer.

  • For Grades 9+
  • Create complex sequences of actions and explore new levels of logic and timing
  • Connects your Bits to programs like Processing and Minecraft


The cloudBit is the easiest way to create internet-connected devices. You can now snap the internet to anything. Retrofit your thermostat to control it remotely or set up a sound-triggered alarm system that texts you alerts - the possibilities are endless. No programming, soldering or wiring required.

The USB power may be the smallest in the series, but it's big enough to send juice to all your creations. Connect a USB cable (included) to your computer or phone charger to start the power flowing. Try it with an LED to make the simplest littleBits circuit. If you're looking for a permanent installation, the USB power adapter enables you to plug your USB power directly into the wall.

The power adapter and USB cable combo is the perfect way to power permanent creations! You can extend your inventions with the 1.5 meter long USB to micro-USB cable.

  • For Grades 3+
  • Interacts directly with hardware and software across the room or across the world
  • Recreates the coolest smart device, invent the next big one or solve your unique problem


pi-top is a project-based teaching tool which grows with your students. Its ground-breaking operating system ‘pi-top OS’ allows you to effectively teach the computing curriculum in Middle and High School, without previous technical or computer science knowledge.

  • First DIY laptop for students. Building the laptop will teach students the basic architecture of the computer
  • 100 hours of project plans
  • Range of simple drag and drop block-based coding to basic plans for building electronic circuits, and progression on to more complex workshops, which are all laid out in an easy to understand, step-by-step format
  • All pi-top’s come pre-loaded with an interactive educational game, CEEDuniverse

Humming Bird Bit

Humming Bird is a distinctly engaging robot that is designed to enhance learning of engineering and robotics concept with its unique hands-on approach. It comes with programmable bots that students can construct themselves with their unlimited creativity using supportive craft materials. 

The Humming Bird Bit combines robotics, kinetic sculptures and animatronics along with concepts of STEAM and STEM Education in the most innovative manner.

• Turn anything into a robot using craft materials and electronics components. Creations limited only by your imagination!
• Integrate robotics into open-ended teaching of any subject.
• Engage and inspire students not typically represented in technology.
• Explore design thinking and project-based learning with flexible, free, standards-aligned curriculum.
• Grow capabilities with student from Grade – 4 through high school.
• Program in everything from Scratch to Java!

The Humming Bird Bit contains all the electronics needed for a classroom session along with curriculum, glossary, and other helpful tools and materials. It is available in three sizes –

Small Kit Suitable for 8- 12 students
Medium Kit – Suitable for 16 – 24 students
Large Kit – Suitable for 24 – 36 students