Career Planning Tools

The Kuder Career Interests Assessment is an interest assessment which helps people match interests with careers. Based on the specific needs, this system provides reliable tools to assess interests, suggest education and career options, prepare people for the job search and connect them to today’s jobs.

Steps in Evaluation

Kuder Galaxy – an online early career awareness system that provides interactive activities for elementary students in grades pre-K through five.

Kuder Navigator – a developmentally appropriate online education and career planning system designed to help middle school and high school students learn about themselves with Kuder's research-based assessments, build an education plan, and prepare for various options after high school.

Kuder Journey – an intuitive online system designed to help address the education and career planning needs of postsecondary students and diverse adult populations.


Knackapp is an AI gamified platform to unleash the power and promise of human and business potential.

It is a magical fusion of gaming, cognitive science, and machine learning. Combining these elements, KnackApp has transformed the games into digital decoders that reveal people’s hidden human potential. Playing the games produces a rich stream of active, passive, conscious, and subconscious millisecond micro-behaviors. The algorithms process these honest signals to compute the player’s hidden human potential, and to identify a range of best-fit matches.