Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner

Experience Scanning with Bionic Finger System for Unparalleled Single Page Control at 2500 Pages per Hour!

The Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner is an industry-leading choice for digitizing books on a large scale, boasting full automation and reliable 24/7 operation. Equipped with an 80-degree V-shaped book cradle and automatic glass plate, this robotic scanner adheres to preservation standards and ensure top-notch quality. Its unique features set it apart as a standout solution for book digitization needs.

The Qidenus Robotic Book Scanner comes in A3+ & A2 sizes scans almost any kind of book and can achieve scan speeds of up to 2,500 pages per hour. The Bionic Finger acts just like a human finger handling each page with care and precision even when it's working automatically. This unique book scanner can also switch to semi-automatic and manual operating modes with the push of a button.


Key features of Scanner:

- Page turning technology (Bionic Finger)

- Manual, semi and fully-automatic operating modes

- Available in A3+ and A2 sizes

- Scan speeds up to 2,500 pages/hour

Zeta Scanner

The ideal multifunctional system for everything and everyone.

With the zeta, one can digitize a variety of items like historical books, new books, magazines and even files or contracts making it versatile for your needs. Not only does the zeta provide top-notch image quality and data accuracy, but it also comes up with a attractive design and user-friendly interface for effortless operation.

The zeta is the go-to system for digitizing and copying in places like libraries, universities, schools, copy shops, banks and more offering versatility across different settings. The zeta delivers high-quality data with the highest resolution in no time flat.

Preview your scans effortlessly on the high-resolution touchscreen display ensuring clarity with full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 px) and leaving faulty scans in the past. Choose between the zeta models with or without the convenient book cradle to suit your needs perfectly.


The key features of zeta Scanner:

- 24" touch panel PC unit, with multi-touch technology, sustainable upgradeable system, interactive and intuitive to use

- High scanning speed, short scanning cycles

- Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080 px)

- Remote maintenance and remote administration

- Flexible interfaces.