Digital Trend Awareness

Digital enablement of corporate employees

2000 hrs of teaching content from > 300 experts working at > 90 leading institutions and companies.

We use digital methods to solve one of the biggest problems of our time: empowering the employees of large companies and corporations to face the challenges of digitization, across the board.

  • Video-based learning content from leading experts and online exercises. Self-paced learning, flexible and efficient.
  • Hands-on work with real data, real hardware, and practical cases. Digital training modules covering various corporate skills, accessible anytime, anywhere.
  • Advanced learning management systems (LMS) for centralized access to training materials and progress tracking.
  • Virtual collaboration with colleagues in group discussions and company-specific cases.
  • Virtual tutoring sessions and expert discussions to bridge the gap between new knowledge/capabilities and own work situation.
  • Engage learners through gamification. Gamification can motivate and engage learners competitively while encouraging them to put their newly learned skills. sets into practice.