Pepper Library Assistant

Impress customers with Pepper Library Assistant: friendly greetings, refreshments and personalized service!

Elevate customer experience at trade shows, offices, or any business setting with Pepper Library Assistant exceptional greeting abilities showcased through the CleverGuides Concierge App, where it not only greets individuals personally but also responds to their mood using intelligent face recognition technology.

Utilizing the Concierge App, Pepper Library Assistant offers a tailored introductory presentation effortlessly data filled with the company's ethos or provides insights into ongoing events all managed through the user-friendly CleverGuides CMS, just like the Basic Chat feature.

The Concierge App includes a Kiosk function. In Kiosk Mode, the app interface on the robot cannot be exited without a password. This ensures that only authorized persons can access the Android settings. Within a short time, Pepper Library Assistant can create a map of its surroundings and permanently store selected positions within the mapped area. The positions can be linked to content from different pages and if desired can be approached at any time from any position in the mapped area.

Pepper Library Assistant can be equipped with more than 20 language packages, two of which are preinstalled on the robot and immediately available.