Sensors, Lab Equipment and Wireless Solutions

The Labdisc turns any classroom into a multi-disciplinary hands-on science laboratory. Wireless, built-in probes and automatic sensor testing and calibration release teachers from wasted hours in setup and calibration and save schools substantial investments in traditional laboratory formats. The multi-award winning Labdisc design fully integrates with the latest technology tools penetrating schools from online learning, to Chromebooks, interactive whiteboards and tablets.


Engaging young scientists with the world around them, the Labdisc Enviro enables field experimentation with a 150-hour battery-life, 1,000,000 sample memory and large graphical LCD and keypad.

The 12-bit resolution multidisciplinary system offers a truly flexible and compact tool for students to explore their environment’s reality.

Despite a full-feature set and built-in sensors for all the major sciences, the wireless Labdisc Gensci is surprisingly light and compact.

A 1,000,000 sample memory and 100k/sec sampling rate, plus 12-bit resolution, 150-hour charge-life and large graphical LCD allow students to parallel real scientific processes and connect core concepts with the real world.