Experience the cutting-edge Lyngsoe LibCabinet revolutionizing library services with its innovative features.

This state-of-the-art solution enables the creation of independent mini libraries in indoor locations of your preference granting patrons round-the-clock access to your collection. With its integrated check-in, check-out and holds functionality. LibCabinet simplifies library operations requiring only a network cable and power outlet for seamless installation and operation.

Featuring sleek, see-through doors outfitted with an electronic lock patrons can effortlessly access books by presenting their card to the reader. Upon selection simply close the door, the LibCabinet then generates a receipt detailing borrowed items and return dates ensuring seamless transactions and patron satisfaction. Also an integrated thermal printer provides the patron a receipt of all transactions that have taken place, so they can always check what they have returned or checked out of the library.

The LibCabinet's full potential with its comprehensive maintenance mode enables thorough inventory checks and printouts integrated with Centralized Management software for advanced reporting and management control.



- Can be placed in any location

- Easy and fast check-out, check-in and holds

- Smartphone identification

- Very large capacity 200+ items

Phoenix Tabletop Self-Service Kiosk

Utilizing a glass tabletop for enhanced elegance and lightness

With its super sleek design and lightweight construction, the Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop is a versatile tabletop kiosk that is tailored for modern libraries, integrating barcode and RFID technologies.  This device blends discreetly into any library environment while meeting the demands of contemporary library services.

The Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop features a spacious 19" touchscreen powered by intuitive self-service software offering customizable screen elements to guide patrons through the user experience effortlessly.

Easily adaptable: The tabletop of the Lyngsoe Phoenix Tabletop can be positioned atop any furniture piece with its integrated silent, fanless PC unit and power supply accessible via a single service hatch. Simply place the tabletop, plug in the power and connectivity cables and you're ready to start operating without hassle. The design allows you to choose add-on options such as an integrated printer in a module that is seamlessly mounted on either side of the kiosk maintaining the same sleek kiosk design or choose to place the printer directly on top of the table.

Larger 22” and 24” screens are options as well.



- Modern, sleek, and open frame design

- Small footprint

- Placement on existing furniture

- Large 19” touchscreen

Lyngsoe Phoenix Self-Check Kiosk

 Prioritizing usability and ergonomics for patrons redefining the library experience.

The Lyngsoe Phoenix Self-Check RFID Unit is a pinnacle of innovation and elegance in library technology crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this unit redefines the self-check experience with its high-end design and premium finishes.

Slim yet powerful, the Phoenix Self-Check Unit boasts a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic design that seamlessly integrates into any library environment.With an optional software feature the patron is able to borrow books with the smartphone and thereby avoiding any touches.

Lyngsoe Phoenix Self-Check seamlessly integrates hardware into furniture for optimal space efficiency. Featuring a front-accessible printer for back-to-back placements. 

There is an on option to have screens bigger than 19” such as 22” and 24” as well.



- Super sleek design

- Large 19’’ touch screen

- Optional side table left or right

- Payment devices options

Intelligent Hold Shelf

With the RFID Intelligent Hold Shelves, each item's position is automatically tracked ensuring effortless Library accessibility.

Introducing the Lyngsoe's Intelligent Hold Shelves powered by advanced RFID technology for seamless hold management. Librarians can now place items freely on these shelves eliminating the need for specific ordering criteria like alphabetical or date processed. 

It is simple and easy to use, a patron can simply scan their card and the unit will inform them of the shelf number where their item is located.

With their mobile design on wheels connected via a single cable, the Intelligent Holds Shelves offer unmatched flexibility. When one shelf reaches capacity adding a new hold shelf is effortless ensuring efficient hold management.



- Massive capacity

- Easy to expand

- Stylish design

- Increased patron privacy

Book-O-Mat (smart locker)

 Effortlessly Manage Pick-Up Process for Hassle-Free Access to Library Resources

Experience the ultimate convenience with the Book-O-Mat service offering Pick Up Hold Anywhere, Anytime accessibility. Whether day or night patrons can retrieve reserved materials from the Book-O-Mat even beyond regular opening hours. The Book-O-Mat can be placed inside or outside normal library facilities such as a train station to extend the library’s service reach and enhance convenience for the patrons.

Library staff feed the Book-O-Mat with the reserved materials and the individual compartments are linked to the specific patrons. Patrons will be notified once the materials are ready for pick-up. The only thing the patrons need to do is to identify themselves by scanning the library card and only the relevant doors open to them.

Starting from 19 compartments in the main module with an attractive touchscreen interface, expand effortlessly to 43, 67, or even 91 compartments by integrating robust add-on modules.



- Extends library service reach

- Extends library service hours

- Pick-up holds anywhere, any time


Revolutionary solution designed specifically for libraries to efficiently handle returned materials requiring special attention. 

The Lyngsoe SmartBin features an electronically controlled lock mechanism that ensures secure storage, only unlocking when designated materials are deposited. This innovative technology streamlines workflow, allowing library staff to easily identify and manage items that require special handling, such as holds or fragile materials. With the Lyngsoe SmartBin, libraries can enhance operational efficiency while ensuring the safety and proper handling of returned materials.

Lyngsoe RFID self-check unit running LibRid software, offering patrons a guided experience for returning materials. Utilizing the self-check unit's interface, patrons are directed to place returned items into the appropriate bin or directly into the SmartBin.

Smartbin automatically detects when the bin is full and needs to be emptied. It is equipped with wheels which is very easy to change for an empty one.     



- SmartBin for returns

- Connected to a self-check unit

- Identifies the material that will be dropped into the bin

- Electronic lock secures valuable returned material