The rise of the Maker Movement that supports constructionism learning is an ideal approach to build STEM capability through setting up of Innovation Spaces, FabLabs or Makerspaces in Schools. The benefit of these inspiring spaces is that it accelerates the processes of ideation and invention through collaboration and creative problem solving.

Edutech assists in the layout design, fit-out, modular furniture, branding, equipment, technologies, consumables and curriculum resources for these learning spaces in schools. These educational spaces designed for project based learning can include cutting-edge technologies for design and construction – such as 3D printers, laser cutters, hand tools, electronics, robotics and more.

Edutech with our deep expertise in these innovative spaces consult on the workspaces to include safety considerations, planning of consumables, operational processes apart from providing best of resources that will inspire making and build a making mindset.

Such spaces are a place for invention, creation, discovery and sharing, a space of inquiry where students learn and knowledge gets integrated into their personal interests and daily life.