RFID Security Gates

Safeguard your library's collection with our best-in-class RFID-based security and detection system.

Lyngsoe's security gates effortlessly blend into any library setting combining modernity with an open-space feel with their sleek and transparent design. When individuals pass through Lyngsoe's security gates with an activated anti-theft media, the gates promptly alert staff and patrons through built-in alarm lights and sounds.

Protect & secure your library’s collection with our RFID-based security & detection system. Our team of highly experienced technicians provides a comprehensive planning & installation service to ensure proper implementation of RFID Security systems. The gates operate autonomously identifying RFID tags with active alarms without requiring a host connection, thereby minimizing the possibility of system bypass. Through an easy and scalable out-of-the-box installation, the alarm gate system easily covers 1, 2, 3 or 4 entrances also including wide entrances.

The Lyngsoe Alarm gate system features an integrated radar people counter enabling precise tracking of library foot traffic and patron occupancy. With Lyngsoe software, comprehensive statistics on patron entry and exit through the gates are readily available. Additionally, when paired with the Lyngsoe Gate Controller software, staff screens display item IDs and titles from the ILS/LMS when alarms are triggered by secured items passing through the gates.



- Integrated radar people counter

- Acoustic and optical alarm indicators

- Sleek and modern design

- Detailed statistics and report of visitors and incidents


Staff Workstation

Easily integrate Lyngsoe Staff Workstation software into your library system for smooth operations.

The Lyngsoe Staff Mate software effortlessly integrates into the library system automatically engaging when reading materials IDs or processing check-ins and check-outs. Even without full integration, activate the Staff Mate software using keyboard shortcuts for tasks like material ID, transfers or theft protection in your library system.

Easily transition to library conversion mode with a few simple steps, guiding you through the seamless process of reading barcodes from a scanner and encoding them onto RFID tags. To prevent unwanted settings the configuration is protected by a password for administrators.

Libraries can select from two installation options based on their preferences. The tabletop model features a sleek design and facilitates stack reading, while the alternative option allows discreet placement beneath the staff station table, optimizing surface space utilization.



- Easy conversion from barcode to RFID

- Password-protected configuration

- Easy to install with the installation wizard

- Shielded HF pad antenna with integrated reader

Library Clerk - Inventory Wand

Experience effortless library management with our smart mobile library tag reader, featuring an ergonomic design and lightweight build for convenience.

The smart mobile library tag reader offers a straightforward user experience for library staff boasting an efficient design and lightweight construction for comfortable use regardless of shelf height. The accompanying mobile application is highly intuitive and user-friendly, featuring smart functionalities like simultaneous tasking. Furthermore, it includes multiple alarm features to promptly alert operators when action is needed.

Another integral aspect of the solution is the Lyngsoe Library Clerk mobile application. This application can be installed on any Android smartphone or tablet selected by the library. With this application, library staff can effectively manage tasks such as locating materials and conducting shelf inventory.

The Lyngsoe Library Clerk Manager is an intuitive and user-friendly web application designed for efficient task list workspace management and hand-held device overview. It allows users to seamlessly navigate through various functions. Users can effortlessly load lists exported from their ILS, download collected scanned data, and create, edit, or delete task lists based on imported or manually created data and Validate library owner.



- Ergonomic and lightweight

- Intuitive and easy to use

- Simultaneous tasking

- Action notification (sound, vibration, LED light)