RFID Gates

Our RFID offering is easy to use, elegant, and is suitable for all libraries of any size, and has all the necessary tools to manage the systems and operations without time-consuming gimmicks.

Our Innovative library concepts provide tools for libraries to be more creative and improve key aspects of community engagement. Be it security systems, self-check kiosks, lending and vending kiosks or inventory systems, we cover it all.

Libraries and communities are constantly evolving and libraries become an even more important part of community engagement. Together with libraries, we want to be part of this constant development with new product development through “Innovative Libraries”.


RFID Self-Check Unit for Libraries

The Phoenix RFID self-check unit, the newest offering in our self-service suite of products, is specifically designed to meet the needs of today’s libraries. Attention has been paid to appearance; the design is light, slim, and spacious. 

A glass table is used to create a sense of lightness and to make the device discreet in the library space, while still being a fully functional tabletop for patrons to use for their material.

RFID Intelligent Returning Shelf

Shelves that include RFID antennas are specially designed for checking in the materials and are meant to be placed near to the library’s entrance.

Every time a patron returns an item to the shelf, it sends the information directly to the library system and registers the material as returned.

For all materials that are returned to the Intelligent Shelf, security is automatically switched on. If a patron attempts to remove returned materials from the library without first checking them out, the alarm at the security gates will be activated.

LibAssist Handheld RFID Scanner

The P.V. Supa LibAssist is one of the most powerful RFID handheld readers available for libraries. It combines excellent reading performance with a compact, convenient size while still managing to be one of the lightest devices of its kind.

The device is extremely ergonomic, allowing extended periods of comfortable use with one hand. The adjustable and flexible antenna further increases ergonomic use by allowing items at different heights to be scanned with ease.


Compact Library For Check out and Check in

With the LibCabinet you now can offer an independent library at an indoor location of your choice; your customers can have access to your books 24/7.

The stylish, transparent doors are equipped with an electronic lock that can easily be opened by presenting a patron card to a badge reader.

The customer takes the books he or she wants and just closes the door again. After closing the door, the LibCabinet prints out a receipt which tells the customer exactly which books he or she has taken and when they need to be returned.